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Urban Weeds Diary

The site survey that began in the Gallery of Weeds project at the Gleisdreieck grew into a weekend passion and hobby that slightly resembles the romanticized botanical identification and collection fetishes of 19th century amateur naturalists. I don’t claim to have rigorously documented which species grow where – detailed information on Berlin’s diverse biotope types and a complete list of Berliner Flora is available from the Senate for Urban Development and Environment. However, based on this project I have come to befriend many wildflowers and grasses, especially the more photogenic ones, and can now greet them by name in construction ditches, historical parks, lakeside shores and surrounding woodlands.

Project Site and Duration

Various biotopes in Berlin, Germany 2008 – ongoing

Project Partners / Collaborators

Lenne 3d GmbH, TU-Berlin, Institute for Ecology with special thanks to Fritz Kleinschroth and Arne Cierjacks

Materials and Methods

On behalf of the visualization software company Lenne 3d I documented over 250 wild and domesticated, native and non-native vascular plant species growing in Berlin. These were used as material for an e-learning project of the Technical University of Berlin Dept. of Ecosystem Science. A selection of the most photogenic specimens are presented here.


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