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Plant your message here

Plant your message here consisted of a series of interviews and workshops with local high school students in St.Lo, France culminating in a collective planting day on the public greens along Rue Torteron beneath the old city rampart walls. The project was part of a juried residency and art-in-public-space exhibition for the Maitres des Lieux festival of art in public space in St.Lo in 2004.

Project Site and Duration

St.Lo France, spring and summer of 2004

Materials and Methods

Twelve word gardens were created as a “message for the future” to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the allied landings in Normandy. The city parks department grew ca. 3000 annuals for the planting action and assisted with tools and maintanance. The “living text” garden included phrases such as, “no more pollution,”  “stop racism,” “anarchy,” and “liberty.” The project was supported by the city government, the Forum des Arts, and the Lycee Curie Highschool.


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